MoCCA Fest 2011 has come and gone.  Like past years, this comics festival was bright and bustling.

Photo by Madalyn Baldanzi, see more at Impose Magazine.

The MoCCA Festival is an annual comics convention in New York City.  Though it’s not, officially at least, a small press event (like SPX) or an alternative press event (like APE) MoCCA Fest does tend towards that spectrum of the comics industry.  Exhibitors are often self-publishers (like myself) or medium to large size graphic novels publishers who tend towards artsy rather than commercial (like Drawn and Quarterly or Abrams).  Marvel and DC are not in attendance (and, as far as I know, never have been).  You might find the occasional excentric in costume, but often they’re dressed as a creature of their own invention.  I remember one year I met a girl dressed as Art Spiegelman.  It’s that sort of convention, and it’s my favorite convention.  I’ve been attending for the last eight years.

When I hit the exhibition floor, I’m looking for a certain type of comic: the minicomic.  For those unfamiliar, minicomics are selfpublished, hand-made comics.  Though we call them “mini”, they can come in any shape or size.  If you know what a zine is, then you know what a minicomic is.  Zine is to magazine as minicomic is to comic.  Got it?

I can buy graphic novels at books stores, comic book stores, or online.  A convention like MoCCA is one of the rare places I can find minicomics.  here is my haul (a modest pile this year, since I was too busy to shop!)

One of my favorite comics from this convention is sure to be a hit with Graphic Universe readers.  Dragons! is a new and FREE comic anthology edited by Greg Means and Alec Longstreth.  It is chock full of fun comics, activities and facts about (you guessed it) dragons!  Get all the details on Alec’s blog.